Objective: Deliver city services effectively, efficiently, and equitably

The City delivers several services that require coordination, inter-departmental communication, and high-quality delivery. The City of Syracuse should reliably deliver services, like filling potholes, in a reasonable time period, and do the work completely, so that revisits for the same problem occur rarely.

In-depth analysis

Key Result: Increase the number of times city employees address a reported problem in one visit by 25%.

Current Measure: 83% streets visited once

It is not uncommon for City staff to respond to the same street or same property repeatedly. This likely means an issue was not fixed correctly. There may be an error on the part of the property owner, or there are underlying issues with the infrastructure. Initially for this key result, we are aiming to decrease the number of times crews revisit a street or property for a duplicate service. By doing so, staff will have more time to address other issues in the city and people in the community will see problems resolved in a timelier manner.

Baseline: 79% single visits
Metric will be measured by looking at the following processes:

  • DPW: Potholes filled by block per year (baseline for all is 69%)
  • DPW: Sewer backup calls by house per year (baseline for all is 69%)
  • DPW: Blue bins distributed by house per year (baseline for all is 85%)
  • Water: Water main breaks by block per year (baseline for all is 92%)
  • Codes: Exterior complaints - trash and debris - by block per year (baseline for all is 84%)
  • Codes: Exterior complaints - overgrowth - by block per year (baseline for all is 85%)

Key Result: Ninety-five percent of City services will be delivered by their reported resolution time

Current Measure: 76%

In a city with more than 40,000 properties, 400 miles of road, and 500 miles of water main, a lot can go wrong. Community members make service requests daily and City staffs respond and work to resolve the issue. This key result aims to increase the number of times that services are being completed within a specific period of time.

How We Measure this City Service Success:
This metric is measured against the following processing times:

  • DPW: Potholes will be filled by May 15 or within 5 business days (baseline for all is 57%)
  • Water: Water main breaks will be repaired within 24 hours (baseline for all is 100%)
  • Water: Water road cuts will be permanently restored within 1 year (baseline for all is 50%)
  • Codes: Trash and debris complaints will have an inspector response within 48 hours (baseline for all is 80%)
  • Codes: Overgrowth complaints will have an inspector response within 48 hours (baseline for all is 79%)


  1. The table below illustrates how the City is currently performing at meeting the above goals for service delivery. The data included shows our performance from week-to-week.
  2. Highlighting each week will show the percentage of service requests addressed on-time for that week. Clicking into each bar displays the various types of services requests and the percentage completed on-time.
  3. City leadership convenes with departments regularly to address the number of service requests completed on-time and how we can improve performance to achieve our goal.