Objective: Provide quality constituent engagement and response

The community is an important part of how we govern. To ensure the community can easily interact with city officials, we are identifying and improving ways that the community voice can be heard early and frequently. City government will work to provide quality constituent engagement and response to improve our public engagement strategies.

In-depth analysis

Key Result: Increased the average number of engaged city users by 20%.

Current Measure: 116%

One of the ways city officials interact with the public is through social media. By monitoring the number of engaged users on City Departments' Facebook pages, we can measure if public engagement is improving over time. The baseline median engaged users was 8,274. The city's goal is to increase it by 20%, which would be approximately 10,000 engaged users.

Key Result: Improve constituent use of City services by increasing the use of Cityline

Current Measure: 100% calls to Cityline

An important element to ensuring residents receive quality service is how well we direct constituents to the departments they need. To improve city residents’ ability to report service issues and requests and receive a timely response, the City has begun implementing communication solutions to ensure calls regarding service requests are directly routed to Cityline (315-448-CITY).


  1. Our initial audit of call transfers measures how many calls are directed to Cityline when constituents call.
  2. The dates below show the progress we are making, over time, to improve the percentage of calls directed to Cityline and not directed to the Mayor’s Office. This reduces the number of times a call is transferred.
  3. Solutions being implemented to reduce call transfers include an automated call directory, including Cityline in away messages and updating away messages on various voicemails to encourage the use of Cityline.
  4. The departments involved include: Cityline, Communications, Constituent Services, and the Mayor’s Office.