Objective: Achieve Fiscal Sustainability

The City is on a path toward achieving fiscal sustainability. To show our city's growth, we'll have to show that we can manage spending and grow revenue. The City projected an $11 million budget deficit for the 2019 Fiscal Year (July 2018-June 2019). The key results for Achieving Fiscal Sustainability will both allow for and be a signal of a growing city.

In-depth analysis

Key Result: General budget variance should reduce from 11% to 5%

Starting Point: -65% Variance

Current Measure: -4% Variance


  1. Below are budget variances for key departments in City government. Some variances are expected, while others are not and need to be controlled.
  2. Selecting the variance bar for each department drills-down to that department’s budget categories.
  3. Return to previous departments by clicking the button above the graph.

Key Result: Address at least one finding from the most recent audit

Starting Point: No Progress

Current Measure: 12 Steps Completed

How accurately we address issues identified in our annual audits is essential to how we control spending. Our audit finding has recommended that we address 13 organizational issues to strengthen our operations.


  1. Our audit findings have identified 13 recommendations for city government to observe.
  2. We have created a project plan to ensure that we address each of our audit recommendations in succession.
  3. The dates below show the progress we are making, over time, to complete our Audit Improvement Plan.