Objective: Achieve Fiscal Sustainability

The City is on a path toward achieving fiscal sustainability. To show our city's growth, we'll have to show that we can manage spending and grow revenue. The City projected an $11 million budget deficit for the 2019 Fiscal Year (July 2018-June 2019). The key results for Achieving Fiscal Sustainability will both allow for and be a signal of a growing city.

Key Result: Reduce the general fund budget variance from 11% to 5%

Overall budget variance through the end of : 0% Variance

Fire Bureaus

Fire Air Crash Rescue
Amount Spent: $933,328
Amount Allotted: $317,760

193.7% Variance

Fire Main Civilian
Amount Spent: $359,847
Amount Allotted: $518,952

-30.7% Variance

Fire Main Sworn
Amount Spent: $16,553,057
Amount Allotted: $17,109,428

-3.3% Variance